Cherith Fluker
WhatCherithInks is a lifestyle blog that is curated from my personal journey to happiness. When I turned 40, something strange happened. I finally learned that the secret to happiness is being yourself, audaciously! So often, we chase the idea of being happy using society’s rules as the measuring stick. You’ve got to be married by this time. You need to be this certain size or shape. You must have these clothes and accessories. Blah. Blah. Blah. Had I known then what I know now, I could have saved myself a whole lot of frustration. Growth through my trials and tribulations helped me discover that attempting to conform to the status quo is simply disheartening and unnecessary.

The purpose of this blog is for me (through my love of writing) to share happiness as I talk about my experiences and observations regarding travel, family, beauty, and food. I will also use this as a space to share reviews on products and services.

I was born and raised in Alabama and I now live about thirty minutes away from where I grew up. I did all the “right” things: graduated high school with honors, went on to attend college (and kept on going to college), joined a sorority, got married, had kids, landed a job, the whole nine. Yet, there was a constant need for more. So here I am with a great husband, wonderful children, a career, a terminal degree, supportive friends and family and guess what...all the time that I was searching for “happy”, she was right there in my face.

Throughout life, I have been surrounded by the best family and friends that anyone could ever ask for. I have traveled to some really fun places, attended some amazing events, and I’ve had some of the best life experiences. However, I’ve also had some very difficult times in my life. Through it all, I’ve learned to look at each stage of my life as an opportunity to learn and grow. I’m able to pinpoint something from each stage and event in my life that has contributed to making me the woman that I am today. My reflections on the sweet (and not so sweet) times have allowed me to recognize the value of my life. I have been empowered to encourage and motivate others in their own journey to happiness.
Dr. Cherith Glover Fluker is the 504 & Homebound Specialist for a large school district in the state of Alabama. In this role, Cherith oversees the section 504 eligibility, implementation, and compliance processes at the district’s 56 schools and also provides relevant training and support for each school’s 504 team. She also partners with organizations like the Arthritis Foundation of Alabama and Children’s Rehabilitation Services to learn more about how various conditions affect children in the school setting. She provides guidance to schools regarding appropriate accommodations for students. Before serving in this role, Cherith served as an elementary school administrator and a high school English teacher. She has also worked as an Educational Consultant and as a technical writer for a major security solutions company.

Dr. Fluker received her Bachelor’s degree in English from Auburn University, a Master's degree in Language Arts Education from Jacksonville State University, an Education Specialist degree in Teacher Leadership from the University of West Alabama, and a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership from Samford University. She is a member of the Auburn Alumni Association, CLAS (Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools), Delta Kappa Gamma Society International (Society for Leading Women Educators), and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, where she serves on the Executive Board and is the Chair of the Information and Communications Committee. She also serves as a mentor through Auburn University Career Center’s Merge Mentorship Program. Additionally, Dr. Fluker has served as a guest speaker to aspiring school administrators at Samford University and pre-service teachers at Judson College. She also serves on the advisory board for the Judson College Education Department.

In addition to being a 504 Specialist, Cherith also teaches online English and Creative Writing classes. She enjoys reading, blogging, traveling, and spending time with her husband and their two children.

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